What is Happening

My breakfast this morning 
What is happening.

I video taped a real morning not a fabrication and posted it.

I made myself a delicious breakfast because food is a comfort and I am almost to my mid fifties and I'm not apologizing for it anymore and my partner loves my rubenesque figure, that's what he told me last night and I believe it.

I taped a video giving advice about how I barely survived the Great Recession.  I trashed said video because I don't want to give advice on my blog. Who wants to get advice during uncertainty.  I don't want my blog to turn into an advice column. God help me. I make three mistakes before breakfast every morning.  Who am I to give advice.

I was supposed to take a walk today and now it's too hot to take a walk.

I am trying to think out of the box reminded of the quote that used to irritate the hell out of me

"Some People make things happen,  some people watch things happen, and then there are those who wonder what in the hell just happened. "

I'm sure you can guess what category I generally fall into.


I am going back to my favorite activity that always makes me feel better.

When there is uncertainty.

Weed everything out that I don't need.

It is easier to face the storm with less on my back.

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