What is this blog

What is this blog. Why am I putting myself out there?

My blog is my journal.  The story of my life. Not the whole story.  I don't share everything.  I do share alot.

My writing reveals what is going on in my life. It takes me to places that want to be brought into the light and places already shining in the light.

Why share it? I love reading stories, true stories of people and their lives. They don't have to be heroic.  Nothing big needs to happen.

I remember when I was living in Cloverdale north of the San Francisco Bay Area. At the time I was making good money. I bought a lot that was a good price at the time and I watched my house being built from the ground up.

I never got too excited building or buying a house until the day I bought my farm. That day was like Christmas.  Everyday felt like Christmas on the farm until I started losing it. I love Christmas.

This house in Cloverdale was a beautiful home. I ordered Spanish tiles for the kitchen, it had four bedrooms for me and my three dogs and Frankie, my parrot. It was comfortable and beautiful.

I had a reading chair, it was a lounge chair next to the window in the front of one of the two living rooms.

On Fridays I would buy a pile of books. At least three, sometimes six at the local independent bookstores.  On the weekends,  I would take the dogs on hikes, sit in the sun while Frankie explored the garden (his wings clipped so he couldn't fly high), and I would read. All weekend.

About other people's lives.

One of my favorites and I am sorry to say I can't remember the authors name. I just remember the scenes she painted in her book. She was going through a divorce, and she bought a house with a torn up yard of nothing much. One day, she pulled out her couch from inside to the porch.  She would sit in the rain, not in it, she was protected under the porch. She would sit and watch the rain, sipping her coffee dreaming of how her garden would come to be.

I loved that story.

It was a story that spoke to me.

I love to sit with my coffee and envision creating something out of nothing.  It is fun to build and create when I have had a checkbook with stuffed bank accounts, but I believe the most rewarding times have been when I have created from almost nothing.

I created my pet sit business with $2. I started advertising my business on Craigslist for free. It was albeit a rough start. I had to learn how to create my own website and advertise with zero money and I did it. I had to network and work for another pet sitting agency to survive and I did it. The money from my pet sit business supported my horses, dogs, and goats for many years after I lost my farm.

I created from nothing.

Today, I have more than $2. But not a whole lot more.

I am sitting here with my coffee dreaming about what the next adventure will be.

And it will be different than all the rest.

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