Bug Out

Bug Out Bag
I am packed and ready to go in case of emergency or travel.

In a post several days ago I posted my list of items that I was preparing to pack in my travel backpack.  I wrote that it was difficult to wrap my head around having a bug out bag, a backpack ready to go in case of disaster so I was calling it a travel backpack instead.

Whatever I want to call it. I am relieved to have it. I have one more item that should be arriving soon which is a Lifestraw Water bottle that has a charcoal filter for filtering out bacteria and nasty stuff if you need to retrieve water out of a creek, or unknown water source.

I know. It sounds kind of apocalyptic.

In the past, I would shake my head and think someone was paranoid, crazy or both to pack a bug out bag. What are they thinking. They are watching way too many Walking Dead episodes.

Not anymore. I feel better being prepared. After being in a county hit with several major disasters including two apocalyptic firestorms, the virus and in a part of the country where an earthquake has been devastating in the past  and can happen again at anytime. It is common sense to be prepared.

I have two bags. A backpack and a backpack daypack. I have everything I need to travel in mild climates to a bit of cold, nothing severe. And food and water reserves.

I don't think of my bags and worry.

They are a comfort. I like being organized and prepared.

I love the thought that I am ready for opportunity and travel.

On my day off, I have been checking out places I want to explore and camp at. I love watching YouTube videos of women hiking and living free, working remote as digital nomads.

Yesterday, one of the women I follow on YouTube was exploring sand caves in Arizona in the middle of the desert. You could hear the Hawks screetching and feel the hot air on your skin.

Before my partner and I took off to the  Grand Canyon over a year ago taking route 66 part of the way, I had never been to Arizona or explored the desert except for landing on Las Vegas where my time was limited to the strip, shows and casinos.

I fell in love with the desert.

The tumbleweeds! They really do roll and bounce across the dusty roads! The Joshua Trees. I sketched them for weeks after we returned to Northern California. The old ghost like towns inhabited by wild burros who were tame enough for me to scratch their ears and feed them carrots. The colors and terrain so surreal they made me feel like I was living in a cartoon waiting for the road runner and bugs bunny to appear and disappear into the sunset.

I am ready to go.

I love Sonoma Valley. I truly believe it is one of if not the most beautiful place in the world. It has been my home for almost forty, yes 40 years. But my spirit longs for the road and what is waiting around the next corner.

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