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Snickerdoodle Muffins

Laptop is here! What a pleasure to write from a full keyboard instead of the keypad of my phone. I thank my generous reader for providing me with the means to blog and write comfortably. This morning it took over a hour to set up the laptop with the updates and tools I need. It was extremely easy and user friendly. I bought a Chrome 14 inch streamline laptop at a great price. Very reasonable and I am thrilled with it already.  All of my tools are google tools and they sync beautifully.  With the new laptop, I hope to expand on uploading more videos and lengthier blog posts.

This morning it is raining light and heavy. The birds are chirping and scattering about in the backyard. I hope their nests with baby birds are staying intact and cozy. It is pretty chilly outside. I noticed since I have been planting seeds and spending more time in the garden this year, the resident backyard birds that I am getting to know and recognize are flying up to the roof and looking and chirping at me through my window. They didn't do this last year, so I am guessing it is because they are getting to know me. And feeling that I am maybe as interesting to them as they are to me.

I have been living without companion animals for over a year and half now. This is new territory for me. A lifestyle that I never envisioned for myself being an animal lover since the day I was born, sleeping in my crib, my mom's black cat choosing my sleeping area as the place to have her kittens to my mom's horror. She was promptly moved out with her newborn kittens to the closet. Soon, at two years old I would have a German Shepherd by my side Rex, a couple years later a Tortoise named Tommy who was my best friend, and a menagerie of animals to follow. 

After, my last horse passed over, I decided after 53 years to not have the responsibility of owning and caring for animals for the foreseeable future. It was a tough decision. I miss having companion animals including goats and horses that fill a special place in my heart.  The surprise is that animals are still a big part of my daily life!

I am getting to know and appreciate the backyard birds that keep me company during the Corona Virus Shelter In, the hawks that circle in the sky above, the pigeons that strut along the roofs that I can see from my window and the butterflies and bees that buzz about sipping nectar from the blossoms of lavender and citrus trees.

Before the shelter in order, my partner and I hiked through out Sonoma and Marin Counties. Along our path, we had the gift of seeing coyotes, red and silver fox, squirrels, hares, and a multitude of birds including osprey, bald eagles, harriers, and herons fly and land before us. We took out our binoculars to watch humpback whales and a pod of dolphins swim by Bodega Head. One day, on our way to the Point Reyes Lighthouse, we ended up a Drakes Bay to find Elephant Seals napping on the beach, a rare occurrence, the first time they had decided to land there to wait for the females and pups to arrive. 

My days are filled with animals, and my connection grows deeper with nature.

Last night, my partner made snickerdoodle muffins, we ate for dessert last night and finished with coffee this morning.  We are still under stay at home orders only leaving for essential items or walks around the neighborhood wearing a mask and keeping social distance. 

I have ventured further out to go the farmer's markets and bakeries which I have missed during this time.  I still remain cautious and I'm not going to let go of the social distancing guidelines. I am concerned for the workers across the country who are not being protected and being threatened by losing benefits if they don't return to work. And for the people who have received no stimulus checks or benefits and are having to stand in food bank lines and worry during this time. We are better than this. There is more than enough resources in the country to provide for everyone here leaving no one behind no matter what their status is. It disgusts me to hear people point fingers at others saying they are not deserving, when we have enough!  There is enough. It's greed and distribution that is the issue.

These are tough challenging times. 

I find my peace in the changes of weather, the birds singing, my vegetable garden growing, music, and I am fortunate to have a best friend and partner to share this journey with. I don't have much in material wealth, but I am rich in living my life fully present and as authentically as I can. 

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