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Split Pea Soup

Yesterday, I made split pea soup for the first time. I don't know what took me so long. It was easy and inexpensive to make. In my pantry, I found a bag of yellow split peas. I heated up olive oil, and added chopped onions and carrots along with seasoning. Sauteed a bit. And than added a couple cups of dried split peas and water to fill.  I simmered on the stove as I read my book. I am rereading "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson  It is a page turner about the 1893 World Fair in Chicago and a serial killer who lured his victims from the fair. There is a lot of history and suspense. 

I found my used book at a community free exchange stand ( looked like a fruit stand) we passed along the back roads near the post office we go to a couple of times a week.  The stand was in a pasture near a herd of horses by the river in the redwoods.  We found a great selection of books, art pieces, jam, neatly arranged clothes, and all sorts of interesting things. We left books, a pair of really nice speakers and a donation in the secured metal box. I picked up two books and my partner picked up a jar of jam. I love free book libraries and community exchanges. It feels good to give and receive that way.

In the early morning hours, the thunder shook the house.  Last night, we left the windows open anticipating the thunder showers so I could listen to the rain. I watched the lightening and waited for the thunder, letting myself fall asleep on and off. This morning the birds are singing, trilling and chirping away. It is a grey out and the sky is quiet.

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