Basil and Beef Tomato    

It's been raining the last couple of days. I am really enjoying the change in weather. The house feels cozy. I baked cornbread muffins this morning. We ate them with breakfast, one egg each and my friend Stephanie's amazing salsa. In the past, before the virus, I would never think of just having one egg for each of us for breakfast. If we were low on eggs, I would take a trip to the store for just one item. That doesn't happen anymore. Which is a good thing. Our oil/gas consumption has gone way down with less frequent trips.  I like being creative and using what we have instead of always thinking we are missing something, and need something when the need is not necessarily a need.

The basil and tomato I picked up at the farmer's market are doing well in the rain. I love cooking and eating from my own garden. The veggies taste so much better!  Basil is good for fighting depression, diabetes management, and an anti-inflammatory. I use it to top fresh on pasta, on pizza, in salads and chopped up fine for garlic or avocado toast.  Their fragrance is intoxicating.

The parks opened in our area, so soon we will be able to resume some hikes. I am looking forward to hiking to the Wolf House at Jack London State Park and walking around the lake at Riverfront where my partner and I could feel a mountain lion watching us. I don't know if it was true, but it sure felt like it. One day we spent a half hour watching a huge bullfrog soaking in the lake, calmly looking up at us, not moving an inch. 

When I was a kid at a dude ranch summer camp, I remember one of the other campers coming to get me out of my cabin, a livery stable filled with side by side cots, to help her rescue bullfrogs. One of the boys, standing at the edge of the pond was hitting the frogs with a bat. We rescued a couple. I still remember their bloody heads. We put them in buckets and kept them near our cots until they recovered and reported the boy to the camp counselor. I don't remember it happening again. I was only nine years old and it was one of my first of many animal rescues. 

My fellow camper taught me a life lesson, be brave and go out there and do something when you witness another being is suffering.

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