Little Beings

My window this morning 

Sipping my bitter coffee this morning,  not enjoying the new vegan creamer mushroom super food booster added to it, I noticed the mosquito hawk my partner tried to rescue last night was back. 

I watched him follow the light from the morning sunshine,  patting the window up and down struggling to find a way out. I put my coffee aside, cupping my hand I gently gathered him up. He quietly settled his wings in my closed hands as I headed downstairs.  Opening the front door I released him. 

As I watched him fly away far up into the blue cloudless sky, I listened to one of the neighborhood pigeons cooing. The cooing turned into a rhythmic beat and I realized the pigeon was actually singing a pretty funky song.

How connected we all are if we keep our hearts and minds open. If I can slow down enough to feel and hear the music of Earth.

The mosquito hawk is actually a crane fly. It is a myth they hunt mosquitoes.  I guess we share that falsehood with each other so we don't smack and kill them thinking they are dinosaur mosquitos.

They have existed since the Early Cretaceous times buzzing around the Tyrannosaurus Rex surviving the asteroid that collided with Earth causing super heat fires.

I can't find anything scientifically proven that they feel pain or have emotions. 

That doesn't stop me from assuming they seek freedom and the light like we do.

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