Lots of People

Park Sign

The farmer's  market wasn't busy this morning.  We got there before it officially opened. No crowds. Just a handful of early risers wearing masks buying produce from a few scattered farmers willing to sell before opening. 

I bought a basil plant and a beef tomato to add to my patio garden. I also bought edible flowers for a fancy salad I will make later with a coconut amino dressing.

After the farmers market we drove over to one of my favorite bakeries on the way to the coast. The parking lot was full. A long line of people wrapped around  the building waiting for their turn at the take out window.
We drove right passed the wood fired bread without stopping.  I'm not into lines or crowds. Masks. Six feet distance. Still too close for me.

It is a misty cold day.
I am settled back at home.
It looks like an opportunity is possibly presenting itself for future hiking and camping weekends. 

Something definitely to get excited about!

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