Make it rain

This morning I received an email from Google Tracker calculating my activity away from home during the month of April.

62 miles
3 hours

That doesn't count the walks around the neighborhood. 
Sunning myself on the porch. 
Taking care of the garden. 
The countless trips to the kitchen. 

This breaks the record. 
62 miles 
3 hours 
Every day of my life from my birth having wanderlust parents I have never stayed home this much.

Why am I writing my posts in poetry stanza. Ask blogger and my cellphone.  It is stuck and I can't figure it out. I am going with it. New laptop shipped and on its way. Alleluia.

My friend Stephanie dropped off a lovely quiche and her salsa that we are addicted to. I am thrilled to support her new business. 

We paired her goodies with my partner's potato salad and my velvety beans.
My partner turned me on to Michael Burk.
We ate dinner and got lost in his blues. 

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