Peaceful World


It helps me during uncertainty. Whether it's a fire, sickness, disagreement with someone close to me, or financial troubles.
To find my spirit, my eternal being calm within waiting to make the next move towards fate.

Usually this means that I must learn and practice being still and not react from fear. Not try to make things happen. Allow for a space to let my spirit deep within answer the question.

I  am reminded of the frog I visited in a paradise fit for a prince.
He lived in a kingdom of waterfalls, painted koi, and flowering lily pads.
His fortress constructed in the center of a patio in the middle of a winery surrounded by lavender fields and sunflowers.

I would sit on the stone wall and watch him float in his water bath holding the edge of the lily pads with his fingers stretching his legs behind him.
Silent and fully present in his meditation.

The fires that had burned through the mountain behind him had been extinguished a short few weeks before.
Never reaching his sanctuary.

I watched him let go of the lily pad and dip down into the green waters below.
Bubbles popped on the surface. I listened to the peace of the waterfall.
Letting myself become free to leave my own world behind.
For just a moment in time.

Leaving the frog and his home.
I left the gravelled road.
The honey bees. The purple flowers of lavender. The sun gods in sunflowers.
The fields of ripe vines.

No longer needing an answer.
To questions that never end.
Troubles that never quite seize.
I found my way in the stillness of touching worlds.
Visiting a frog in his pond.