Quiet and Peaceful

Today. I don't have a photo to share. I didn't feel like taking photos. I just wanted to experience images without capturing them. I stayed off the internet, my cell phone, and social media most of the day. I did a simple check over of accounts, emails and texts this morning and than I let it all go.

I needed today off. I needed all of the noise to stop. And the only way I could accomplish it was by shutting it off. And I don't think I missed anything.

Sometimes people will mention a television show and talk about characters and story lines from many years ago like "The Gilmore Girls" or "CSI" or "Will & Grace". And I kindly mention, I haven't had cable television for years. In fact, I didn't own a television from 22 years old when my boyfriend moved out and took his tv with him to 36 years old when I finally bought a television and got cable after purchasing my first home, a brand new townhouse.  I remember watching PBS, and my favorite series was a dated BBC show called "As Time Goes By" with Judy Dench and I watched videos, lots of videos back then. During my hiatus from television, I would catch a show from time to time at a friend or family's house or from a roommate's television, but I never wanted to commit to my own television. I don't think I missed much all of those years of not owning a tv set. 

The internet is another puppy. I find myself lost in the internet at times checking various apps, watching YouTube, and scanning social media. It feels like flipping through the channels, not finding anything fulfilling on television. I find most of it boring, and angst producing. And a lot of it, is snarky, sarcastic and negative. 

Taking today off from internet surfing, I feel more at peace and time has slowed down.

This afternoon, my partner and I had a late lunch on our porch. We could not find a picnic bench or a park open to eat our lunch that we had packed carefully in our cooler bag while we ran errands earlier in the day. On the way back home, my partner picked up a bottle of wine and we had a bistro porch lunch and it was so nice, I fell in love with my partner all over again, not that I fell out of love with him, I just fell deeper in love. I could feel myself listen to him in a deeper way and see him clearer. My whole being slowed down enjoying every moment, not feeling distracted or pulled away.

I think a lot of it has to do with being off the internet almost all day except for the few minutes this morning and right now as I write my blog post which I have decided to publish on my blog and Not post to social media. I don't want the task of having to sign on and post to social media everyday. People can find me here if they really want to read me. I am not giving up posting on social media, but I think I will slow down on posting and monitoring there. I will continue to blog here regularly.

The house is quiet except for that same old bird chirping constantly, I know who he is. The same one that picks off my planted seeds and leaves no trace except a sprout less container garden. There is a gentle breeze and I am enjoying the peace and sunlight. 

We have chosen to stay home this Memorial Day Weekend. You would not think California was under "Shelter In" orders by all of the RVs, Campers and cars heading towards the river and beach on our way home today.  We are strategically avoiding the crowds heading this way.

Instead, we will spend time together taking walks and having a glass of wine on our porch in the sun.

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