Northern California

Today is a day of rest. The last few days, we have been taking advantage of the parks opening back up in our area. It's been quite the whirlwind of visiting places I have missed for the last couple of months since I started sheltering in around March 17th, 2020.

I forgot how expensive it is, though, to go out! I've been spending more money on gas and eating out. We have been going through drive thru fast food instead of packing a picnic. Not a good idea for health, the environment or my budget. So, back to packing a lunch from home. We tried to go to Noah's Bagels yesterday, but the line was long with people wearing masks and keeping a social distance of barely 6 feet. I won't stand in lines to pick up take out, so that's why the drive thru. I don't see us eating out much at all when the restaurants or cafes open for outdoor seating soon. It is extremely expensive to eat out where I live since it's a predominately touristy area. It's not uncommon to spend $50 for breakfast or lunch including tip for not that great of food and over $100 easy for dinner, for two. And I am still concerned about being exposed to the virus.

Our camp stove has been shipped, so I am excited about doing a little demo, cooking up an easy breakfast at one of our local parks soon. The tent has been ordered, but I don't know when it's going to be shipped. I've been uploading Camping & RV park apps on my phone, studying campsite areas in the National Parks and on BLM land. Down the road, when we get an RV or truck & trailer, I would love to stay north of here at a private park where Seabiscuit, the famous racing horse trained and lived. One of my favorite books, Seabiscuit by Laura Hillenbrand was a page turner, I read several years ago that ignited my interest in Seabiscuit's story and life.

For now, we will be tent camping until we find the right camper van or camp set up that is affordable and works for us. I am anxious to get going on our weekend getaways. 

Yesterday, we found a beautiful spot to look out across the redwood forest all the way to the sea looking out to Point Reyes and Tomales. The blue ocean was so clear, we could see from a great distance the waves hitting the coastline. Our beaches are still closed, so this is as close as we can get right now. The wildflowers are blooming and healthy robust looking deer are everywhere. I am still remembering the ravens we spent time with the other day. What a wonder to spend time with such intelligent emotional animals. I was able to communicate with the male by asking him to hop up on the rock so I could take his photos. He studied me intently watching me point and say rock just a few times until he understood and hopped on for me. I am somewhat not surprised since he probably has a large vocabulary of English words he has picked up from listening to the visitors who frequent the park through out the day. Ravens' cognition, their process of thought and understanding is on par with the Great Apes and Humans according to a study in the National Geographic. After spending a short time with him, I would point at the large boulder, say rock and he obliged me by hopping up. I would love to visit him again. I have also read how Ravens can recognize a person five years later. Especially if the person was cruel, they will warn others away. I have mixed feeling about engaging too much with wild animals, but this committed pair of ravens are pretty habituated hanging out in the busy part of the parking lot where the barbecues and picnics occur regularly.  

I wrote several blog posts ago about not owning or keeping companion animals now and for the foreseeable future, although we talk about getting a dog way down the road once we figure out our travel lifestyle. Not having companion animals has not kept me away from animals!  I have a deep connection with animals in a different way now.  One positive, and there are few positives of not having a dog, is being closer to wildlife. Wildlife crosses our path and doesn't take off when you are dog less. Yesterday, the deer even turned their backs on us and continued to graze less than 10 feet away. The ravens hung out with us the whole time we were at the park, and we have had coyotes and fox meet ahead of us on paths at the coast and in the redwoods, stop and check us out before slowly moving on. And of course, the birds feel more comfortable and safer with us without dogs. So, that is a plus for now of not having companion animals. 

Today, I am going to spend much needed time in my garden and reading a good book. Resting. And dreaming of future trips into nature close to home until the orders are lifted. I am grateful for my health, a loving partner and a simple lifestyle that allows me time to enjoy this beautiful world we live in.

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