Stir It Up

 Vegetarian Stir Fry
Early dinner.

Watching James Bond. Spectre. 

We were looking forward to seeing the new James Bond. It looks like it's delayed for release because of the virus. I love James Bond films. The action, romance, fashion, and all the countries they are filmed in.

Tonight. I cooked up a vegetarian stir fry. I used to be at a loss when it came to cabbage. I could never figure out how to handle such a big head of vegetable.

Now, I just chop it up in stir fry.

Tonight's stir fry was stuffed with cabbage, carrots in hot sesame oil, pad thai noodles, gobs of minced garlic & ginger, gardein veggie fish fillets, sauteed up and doused with hula hula sauce.

I bought my partner a KA500 Voyager Emergency Radio.

He is putting it together as we watch Bond. 

These days it seems like common sense to give gifts like this.

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