Strawberries and a nice walk

Strawberries from Local Farmers
Today, I am reminded of the parable of the long spoons. The story of a man asking God what is the difference between heaven and hell.

God said to the man "let me show you".

God opened the first door. The man peeked in and saw with horror a group of famished hollow eyed people each holding a long spoon. One by one they tried to reach a pot of boiling stew with their individual spoons.  As they scooped up the soup, they fell into despair as they could not maneuver the full spoon into their mouths. The handles were too long. So they sat in misery, starving.

The man looked at God and said "this is hell".

God opened the second door. The man peeked in and immediately felt joy and love. Here a group of people with the same type of table, a pot of soup simmering on top,  and long spoons.  All fat and happy. Singing with each other. Laughing. Smiles all around. 

The man turned to God, "why are these people so happy and well fed. It is the same table,  the same soup, the same long spoons."

God smiled and said "This is heaven. The people pick up the spoons and feed each other. There is no greed here".

As I walked the Farmers Market buying local strawberries,  fresh baked bread, noticing a large sign accepting food stamps/EBT cards for those who are struggling.  As I thought about our California Governor forming alliances with small organic and permaculture farms to feed the hungry and those of us out of work during these times.

I see we have a choice.  We have the long spoons. It is up to us how we use them.

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