Suburban Desert


Nopales is cactus in Spanish.  Can you believe I just learned that today. It is a revelation.  Just like Burro is Donkey in Spanish.  I thought Burro was a separate breed or species. I got that one a few years back. I am Spanish.  Ha. And I still have no frickin basic vocabulary. 

This morning, I walked my neighborhood.  A suburban desert with tiny patches of oasis. Veggie gardens, grape vines wrapped around fences, vibrant flowers blooming and Nopales!

The first time I tried Nopales was at a restaurant. The second time,  I bought pieces of Nopales in a ziplock bag at my local Mexican Grocery. 
I folded them into my scrambled eggs. With tortillas,  it was a good simple breakfast. I don't know if I would try harvesting them. You have to research which ones are edible! It looks like a lot of work with all the thorns.

While I was walking, I waited for two women to cross over giving them a wide berth. I heard one of them talk about taking their other friend to the bank to deposit her check and "boom the check was gone."

I assumed it was the stimulus check. I remember having that feeling and I know millions of us getting checks are having that same feeling "boom it's gone".

And so many of us are standing in line waiting at food banks because there is no check.
I read every day and my blog included how important it is for us to eat and have food. It's a necessity and a comfort. 

It's the simple things. Food. Shelter. Clean water. Everyone should not have to struggle for the basic survival needs in a world so rich in resources. 

During my walk, I could feel the heat. I watched a scrub Jay dig a hole in a neighbor's lawn. As I got closer he hopped away, his mouth wide open. I worried he might have broken his jaw until I noticed a crow doing the same thing and than I realized it was the heat rising up from the pavement. 

Time has slowed down.
I am finding it helps to have a routine. 
Make the bed. Get dressed. Write. Go for my walk. And be grateful for my life and what I have.

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