Test Drive

Test Drive

"It can’t be done,” they told the caterpillar. “It can,” replied the butterfly.
Matshona Dhliwayo

The virus is forcing us to change our lives. My last career choice lasted thirty days and was upended by the Shelter in Order.

Yesterday. We spent time test driving a van we were planning to convert into a camper for weekend trips exploring new places and taking time appreciating nature. I got so excited and ahead of myself that I ordered a California Atlas and a Northern California Camping Guide. 

The dream was gone before the maps arrived. The van has too many mechanical issues for the budget. I was deflated for a bit.

Within a couple of hours I picked myself up knowing that this is just one of many stones on the path. In order to live a life of adventure instead of reliving the same life over and over entails risk and obstacles. 

Back to square one. 

Patience. Get organized.  Live simply and compassionately until the next opportunity presents itself. It is not a time to be discouraged.  

Today, we have rain. It is cold. We had the fan on, cooling us down a couple of nights ago. This afternoon,  the heater is on to keep us warm. Each day is a day of uncertainty with more doors closed than opening.  That's okay. Time is a human concept and pressure. 

We will wait and look for signs to present themselves. 

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