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On my Walk 

Yesterday,  I left the house in a hurry to get started on my walk before it got too hot. I forgot my mask! I realized after a half block away. I kept going feeling part rebel, most part guilty.

I cut my walk short rounding the block heading back home. I did stop to look at the flowers.  My neighborhood is bursting with flowers. I passed by the obnoxious neighbor's house, the one who talks so loud about her real estate deals from her backyard that borders ours.  There can't be anything more boring than talking about your investment exploits. I am humiliated to remember how many people I must have bored over mine when I thought I was in the big lead losing my ass after the recession. 

On my walk.  The only person I  came close to was a maskless jogger, who kept her distance from across the street. Today. I will remember my mask and venture further out.

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