Windows and Masks


I remember the first time I met my therapist Howie. I was fascinated.  And he scared me. He was the first truly authentic person I had ever met. I was in my early twenties. And I had finally met someone who didn't wear a mask and had no agenda except digging into me until he could find the real person underneath all the hidden chambers and mazes I had created to hide in.

He didn't put up with BS. 

My partner doesn't either. Be real or it's not going to work.

I've learned that being who I am with all my  human faults and the beautiful being inside me is the greatest adventure I could possibly be a part of.

Why miss it by slapping a label on myself or try to prove my worth by being someone  I am not.

Today. My partner and I are running errands.  

Gone are the days of makeup,  restrictive diets to lose weight so I can look sexy, trendy clothes and false conversations stroking my ego to try to make myself feel worthy.

I'm just me.

Feeling the warm breeze, getting totally excited seeing a burst of flowers that look like fireworks, searching out my window taking in as much life as I can.

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