Animals are Animals

I don't have a dog, a cat, a goat or horses anymore.  I do have animals in my life. More animals it seems like than I had before. 

It's a different kind of relationship.  I still get the look like the one the Seagull in my photo is giving me to let me know a piece of cranberry scone doesn't cut it. More, please.

Yesterday, I visited a historical horse ranch with harness horses and paints in the paddocks. White egrets flew overhead and tule elk hid in the marsh lands. I listened to a song sparrow sing holding fast to the thick grass with his grip. 

Last night I held my nephew's dog while she wiggled and kissed my nose. At night I woke up at midnight to the sounds of coyotes yipping in the hills looking over Costco and Target.  They are that close.

Today, is a day I predicted many years ago on my blog. I wrote one day all my animals would grow old and pass away. I would not acquire anymore for quite some time.  I pictured myself swimming with dolphins. Many of my readers that day posted to say they could never live without their animals. 

I don't live without animals. I dream of swimming with the dolphins I saw in my vision. I am with animals everyday.

I haven't met the dolphins yet.  I have no doubt I will.

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