Squash Blossoms 

This morning I woke up and looked out my window. Smiling to see the squash blossoms blooming in the crisp morning air. I watered them last night for a long time while my partner cooked dinner. It's been so hot these past few days.

Yesterday, we ran errands most of the day. At the end of our list, we headed out to Petaluma to check out a local shop. The wind was fierce blowing leaves and branches across the back roads leading to the town. Heading over the crest, there was a huge cloud of smoke and soon after a tanker flew over us. Fire. We turned back and headed home. Fire season is upon us. 

The grass fire was aggressively put out after reaching 141 acres. The goats at one of the parks we visit regularly were evacuated temporarily for their safety. At home, we double checked our bug out bags to make sure they were packed with everything we need in case of evacuation in the future. 

This life is a roller coaster of natural and man made disasters. I find my peace growing my garden, cooking most of our meals at home, picnics and spending as much time as we can at the coast and in nature.  Nature is so healing for me. 

When we hike, my partner told me, he can stay in the present time since he has to focus on walking the trail. I feel the same. When I gaze over the golden hillsides watching the deer, the baby quail and their parents protecting them, the groves of redwoods and oak, the scent of bay leaves from the dry creeks, the hope of seeing a mountain lion in the distance, the coyotes and fox that cross our path, and the birds that hover in the sky, I feel a deep love for my life and the planet we live on.

Disasters and upheaval only commit me stronger to loving the life I live.

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