Cheap Picnic

Picnic for $6

I am learning to thrive during recessions which are cyclical. What goes up, will come down.

One of the ways we save money is by packing picnics for running errands, work, going to the beach or park, and for our hikes. This morning I am packing a picnic to head out to the coast. It's going to be upwards of 93 degrees today. The coast is going to be 70. Big difference.

I made egg salad sandwiches, a cold pesto pasta salad, a couple pies from Walmart, oranges, some nuts and we pack our waters in an ice cold thermos. Our homemade picnic which will serve us lunch and dinner cost about $6 for two people.

I've learned over time that it seems to be the money going out not the money coming in that makes all the difference on how much we can play and spend time in nature instead of working at a job that is a grind. Some people love their work and don't mind spending most of their time at it. I think that is awesome, but most of us are working jobs that can be mind numbing and physically demanding and stressful, so learning to spend less to earn more time is possible for a lot of us if we pay attention to where our money is going.

Eating out is extremely expensive even at fast food drive thrus unless you are always hitting up the dollar menus. And eating out in the Sonoma Valley or along the California Coast where I live is extremely expensive. Lunches cost upwards of $50 for two and over $100 for dinners unless you are eating at a cheap corporate restaurant and even those are expensive these days. 

My partner and I take turns fixing up picnics and cooking at home. This saves us a lot of money.

I posted a YOUTUBE video of what I made for today's picnic on my YOUTUBE channel Janet Travels Here in case you want to check it out.

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