Deep Simplicity

California Wildflowers on the Coastal Trail
Janet Travels Here on YouTube 

Every one has their own individual path they will follow during tumultuous times. In my home county we have been hit multiple times, picking ourselves up over and over before the bell rings defeat.

Floods. Recessions. Lack of Affordable Housing.  Low Income Jobs. Racial Inequality. Deadly Apocalyptic Fires. The Pandemic. 

And now. An early fire season.

I will never give up on life. I hold this gift dearly to my chest.  
My answer is simplicity.  I want for little.  My needs are simple.

I find beauty and hope in renewal. In rebirth of the human spirit.  In the struggle to fight for human dignity and freedom.  

I find my peace and happiness in the spotted fawn grazing by her mother in the sunset.
The whales feeding and singing in the ink blue sea.
The coyotes howling underneath the harvest moon.
The birds greeting the dawn with their song.

The night sleeps dreaming of morning. 
I am here feet to dirt.
Walking my path.

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