Honest Food


How much would you pay for?

Razzle Dazzle Raspberry homemade jam with a touch of honey

Slow fermented sourdough bread

 Yellow & green zucchini

 and a handful of ripe plums...

That's what I have to figure out and PayPal over later today for the farmer who set out a bounty to choose from at a little farmstand in the shade at a vineyard on the way over the Sonoma Mountains. 

I didn't have enough cash to leave in the lockbox at the honest farmstand. So, I'm wiring it over shortly.

My partner and I ate the plums and dug into the chewy crunchy bread round wrapped in a paper bag. It was still warm as we headed home through the green vineyards.  I saved half the loaf for later to slather with butter and eat with the zucchini sauteed until tender.

Honest Food. 

You pay what you feel it's worth. It makes one think. 

This afternoon,  I'm reflecting on the emotions, the gratitude and what generosity means when food is freely given to enjoy and I am responsible for what to give in return.

I like that. 

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