This morning on our hike. I stopped and froze immediately before this tree. 
What is it, I asked. 

My partner replied, It's a Madrone.
I am guilty of not knowing the names of trees where I live. I know the Redwoods, the Oaks, one of my favorites being the Eucalyptus, a non native that is being rooted out and destroyed.

The Madrone captivated me.
Tonight I read they are a tree of depth and integrity. 
Two values we are in desperate need of these days.

What does it mean to live in depth and integrity. 
Is it possible to live perfectly by ones values every moment. 

We stumble and fall.
I admit I fail quite regularly. 
When I looked up at the Madrone this morning looking down at me holding the earth while twisting and turning her body towards the sun.
A cemetery of burned trees surrounding her.

I found my footing beneath her strength.


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