Not a Bad Life

Not a bad life. I'm spending more time outdoors in nature this year than any year prior to having my farm in 2006.  

I'm cooking outside.  Eating outside. Sleeping almost outside.  Reading and writing outside. Listening and watching my life unfold.

I believe this has been the most unpredictable year and the year I have experienced the least amount of anxiety.  The Great Recession, the Tubbs, and the Kincade fire taught me more than any church, Buddhist writing or zen meditation could. 

Your life today will change whether you want it to or not. Letting go of attachments and certainty pave the way for the universe to grant you the greatest mystery of life you could ever dream of.

Hang on while you take the wild ride and have no regrets.

This morning I walked on the sky through the Redwoods and tasted water filled with the essence of forests and earth. 

I own very little and I have no idea where I will end up.

Today I am free.

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