Sheep Grazing

Sheep grazing in Burn Area

After smogging the car, it passed! Thank goodness for hybrids. We headed to Foothill Regional Park to check it out.

It was a fairly strenuous hike uphill through oak trees and burned manzanita from last year's Kincade fire. We made it to two of the three ponds. Beautiful views!

We came upon a large flock of shorn sheep.  They are a working flock cared for by the park system to keep down the brush to prevent fires. We didn't see the goats, but they were mixed in there somewhere. 

I was fascinated by how the sheep communicated to each other. Well over a hundred in shades from light to chocolate baa'd in varying degrees of soft and loud. As we watched, my partner noticed the tempo changed as the different groups found water or greener areas to graze. I've read that sheep are highly intelligent and have facial recognition capabilities on par with chimpanzees. 

I wondered if the flock had a protection dog since the area is home to coyotes and mountain lions.  As the flock moved out towards the pond, the dog appeared from the back. A regal serious looking Kuvasz, an ancient Hungarian working breed.

Each hike we go on is an adventure.  I love meeting the animals on our path.

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