Walking the Sky

Suspension Bridge in Redwoods 

Yesterday I walked across the sky in a Redwood Forest. A few years ago, I had a panic attack driving up through a steep incline. It was scary. I slowed so far down I barely made it. I've been afraid of heights ever since.

Yesterday,  I conquered my fear.

I walked across several suspension bridges high up in the Redwoods. I even looked down and carried my camera to record it. The bridge creaked and swayed. After, each crossing, I touched the Redwood on each side holding the bridge.

Going on 55,  I am not stopping or giving up my thirst for adventure and living with and in nature. 

When I had a lot of money, a few hundred thousand,  I lived a comfortable life, but I was extremely lonely.

Today, learning to eat well, sleep well and live well simply, I am learning and growing more each day. 

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