Wild Grapes

Wild Grapes at the River

This afternoon, we had a picnic at the Russian River. My partner made sandwiches and bought me licorice for a treat. I bought a new camping chair at Walmart and I love it!  It's bright red, comfortable and has pockets on the sides to store my towel, a book or magazine, my phone and it has a beverage holder. We found a great spot to set up a day camp in a canopy of wild grape vines along the water.

It was hot and the river was cold, but I still got in. I enjoyed watching the swallows, their backs a brilliant turquoise, dive along the river like a skipping rock to take a sip and than fly off.  Red and blue dragonflies buzzed in the air, a brown duck glided down the middle of  the ripples of currents, and I watched blackbirds take baths along the shore.

After we finished lunch, I leaned in my chair and listened to the trees rustle in the light breeze, and the children's laughter as they dove in and out of the green water.  We rested for awhile until I smelled the familiar scent of burning wood. I checked my cellphone and found from our local scanner that a fire was burning about twenty minutes away in Yorkville. I don't know much about Yorkville, it's in Mendocino County,  a neighboring town that I am sure we have driven through. 

My partner walked along the sandy path to check the hills and saw smoke. So. We ended our picnic and swimming early, packed up in about two minutes, and headed for home. The fires are starting early this year and I have a strong feeling we will be dodging them until the winter rains.

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