Camp Set Up

Camp is set up. It's too nice to sleep in the van tonight.  When we got here, it was really hot. We both got dizzy from the heat setting up camp. We took a break in the middle to eat a high protein granola bar and drink water. Important to hydrate!

We missed swimming and we are going to skip a campfire tonight. I think part of us is wearing down. I'm tempted to rent a cute furnished studio in a town a few hours north of here, but my heart wants to stay on the road for now.  And my partner has his dreams.  Relationships are challenging.  I'm used to being single most of my life. I am learning the fine art of compromise and communication in relationship. It doesn't come easy for me. 

This evening after having veggie quesadillas for dinner, I watched 6 squirrels chase each other, box (they wrestled like pros), greet each other with kisses and scavenge the camps. Sometimes they forgot I was here continuing the antics within a couple of feet of my chair.

They kept me entertained during a bout of deep felt loneliness for family and friends.

After, I cleaned up what I had energy to tackle, I admired this tree standing tall in the straw grassy dip in the golden hills.

Trees have such pure and bold presence.  I want to stay up late and star gaze. We will see if I can stay awake.

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