Missing the Sea

Missing the Sea. 

We are back in my hometown. Last night, we had a beautiful time with my parents practicing social distancing on their deck, wearing our masks. It's the first time we have been social, shared a meal and a long conversation with them since March 17th. How weird things are.

Today, some loose ends to wrap up here and than back to the coast. I  am letting go of my life in Sonoma County after living and loving it here since 1980. 

It is no longer affordable and I cannot feel the energy and aliveness in my hometown. I've tried to hang on here, holding onto memories and bits and pieces. The only thing left here is part of my family, who I rarely see since COVID.

A couple days ago, before we drove back up here, we explored the central coastline. The disparity between the rich and poor was haunting. Expansive homes blocked the view of the Sea leaving bits of space separated by cul de sacs of wealth. The bits of space left barely enough room for the public to sit and gaze upon the water or traverse a jagged trail through the cliffs to the beach.

Driving our van, we passed several beat up, old RVs and cars, people were living in. They were parked during the day under prominent signs saying "No parking between 10 pm and 6 am.". Directly across the street from the people living in their vehicles was a county maintained campground filled with empty spaces except for two diesel pushers, expensive RVs decked out with all the amenities you would find in a luxury apartment.

The eyes, desperation and distraught appearance of one of the women living in her car, clutching her steering wheel staring across at the campground inaccessible only feet away will stay with me forever.

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