Pacific Ocean Alone

Yesterday after my hike through Indian Ceremonial Grounds. We are temporarily staying on tribal lands with permission. I sat on the river's end by myself.  I think this is one of the few times I have had the beach to myself.  The California beaches tend to be overcrowded in the Northbay.

For an hour I watched the pelicans,  they look so prehistoric! They swooped and dived fishing the waters, than preened and fluffed their feathers before napping on the crystal clear waters. 

It has been quite the journey looking for new job opportunities and affordable places to live. I am excited exploring new territory. 

I've uploaded several videos complimenting my blog on my YouTube channel. You can find it by searching YouTube under Janet Travels Here. Please like my videos and subscribe, free of course. I enjoy making them and I believe they are improving.

That's it for now. Today is laundry day. It's pretty foggy and misty today with a high of 64.

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