This morning, we had pancakes packed with plant protein. We cooked them up at our campsite on our cast iron pan heated with coconut butter. We added walnuts. I smothered mine with Nutella. My partner had his with applesauce and honey. So good!  

I've been getting eaten up by mosquitoes during the evenings and early mornings since we are parked in a shady damp area on a horse ranch. The ranch hosts horse campers. Right now, there is a beautiful black friesian and a quarter horse with a flaxen mane and tail in the paddocks. I haven't had a chance to take photos of the pair yet.  

It's quiet here. Most of the people camped right now are surfers. I can see their wet suits hanging on the line. There are also tent campers with small tents perched on the top of their jeeps with a ladder leading up, and sports fishermen taking advantage of the trout at the river nearby.

I am feeling far away from the pandemic unless I read the news. Here. Most people are good about wearing their masks indoors and the visitors we watch are taking advantage of the hiking, biking, surfing, fishing, and adventuring activities surrounding us. I believe spending as much time outdoors is the best way to beat the virus.

Yesterday evening, I watched at least twenty pelicans forcefully dive head first into the crystal blue bay scooping up fish, than settling into groups to eat their catch on top of the water. This afternoon, five minutes from camp,  the sea is calm, the foghorn blows intermittently in the distance, the seagulls stand watch for food scraps and the pelicans are napping with their heads tucked under. 

I am finding my stride living this life that is so unpredictable with constant change.

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