This morning, we hiked up a pretty steep hill. My body slowed down and I was breathing really hard until we reached the top. It was a struggle at times. It was worth it for this view.

At the top was a picnic table.  I sat and watched a vulture circle the sky casting his shadow on the sunny hillside. Sitting still for several minutes, we watched a herd of deer appear from the woods following the railroad tracks to a clearing. Two of the white tails scouted, one in the front with one bringing up the back, the two adolescents cradled in the middle.

The ground squirrels skittered about keeping a wary eye for Raptors, while I looked for black bears and mountain lions.  No sightings yet.

Following a trail with gorgeous pines, we spent time at a fish pond watching the dragonflies in pairs fly across the green water.

Last night,  I stayed up long enough to star gaze. It was magical.  We kept the tarp off the tent so we could watch the stars from our sleeping area inside. I haven't seen a night sky like that for years. Too much light pollution where I lived before our adventure.  I miss the night sky.

I am falling in love with pines especially the ones circling our campsite.  Being on the road all of the time can be exhausting at times. Being in nature makes up for the challenges. 

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