Pit Stop

For the last couple of days we've been at a cheap motel off Hwy 20 and I-5 inland California.  It's been a cool 102 degrees each day. Cool to mean, we have AC.

We stopped here to reorganize for camping in the Sierras, but now we have changed thought and are undecided this morning as to where we are headed. 

These are the days of van living and being nomadic after losing our affordable housing during the pandemic.  We intended on hitting the road before COVID in a van camping our way across country. During shelter in, the universe kicked us out of the nest semi prepared and immediately uprooted.

We have a van, generous camping supplies and adventurous spirits to see us through. 

At our stop here, at a motel that reminds us of lodging on Route 66, I found the best Mexican Food I have ever had outside of Mexico.  Lots of flavor without the smothering of cheese and sour cream to hide the  Americanized version. Homemade tortillas holding .99 cent tacos that melted in your mouth exploding with flavor. I will remember our dinner last night for years to come. A huge feast for $12 in this dusty farm town. 

And at the farm stand, raspberries so sweet, they tasted of perfumed candy. We ate them straight out of the bag, licking our lips before landing at this horseshoe motel in the heat of the day.

I'm off social media and I'm reorganizing my YouTube channel.  Please share this blog if you think anyone is interested in our story.

Thank you.

I will be in touch soon.

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