Settled for Three Nights

Camp is set up. It's in the mid 80's, dry, in a canyon about 20 minutes inland from the beach. By the map, there is a large Creek or River that runs parallel to our camp.

After we set up, I made avocado tomato sandwiches dressed in sesame oil, rice vinegar and Dijon. We don't have a frig or cooler. We find that most veggies and fruits keep well for a few days. If you eat animal products, you need some sort of refrigeration.

I have a knack of reserving the worst campsites. This one is close to the bathroom which is convenient except for the sound of someone flushing every three minutes. 

So far, three turkeys, a ground squirrel and a disappointed yellow jacket (no meat here to harrass for) have sauntered through our campsite making it loud and clear that we don't own this space.

I hope to pick up a book and actually turn pages today. My partner is listening to music and organizing.

Earlier, we stopped at one of the closest beaches to our campground. It was paradise except for the campers were parked in like sardines and the campground cost $45 per night.

I loved looking through the palms to the white sand and  blue ocean. Surfers napped in makeshift beds in the back of their camper trucks and vans, their sun kissed bodies sprawled out and entangled with their suntanned partners as close to the waves as they could surf and sleep for the day. I'm curious where they sleep at night.

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