Staying Put

Right now, I feel luxurious. We are staying at an air conditioned hotel inland California. The van needs some maintenance work, so we are hanging tight for a bit until we see what work needs to be done. I am going to take a nice long bath with lavender rose salts. Yes!  I love taking baths. Baths are far and few between when camping.

With COVID spiking, we are exploring longer term house sitting and permaculture opportunities. With my animal care and handling experience and my partner's grounds keeping background, it would be a good fit. Traveling during these times, we have been extremely careful and respectful putting others safety and our own first. Still. We are finding many people ignoring and defying wearing a mask and social distancing.

I am hopeful we can find a farm or ranch where I can work with horses again in the near future. I miss them.


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