The Reward

I still feel a bit claustrophobic sleeping in the van, but I am working it through. It is one of the challenges living on the road along with putting together and taking apart the sleeping area and kitchen set up daily. Not to mention, my body is covered in welts from mosquito and spider bites. When I feel a bit down wishing I was living in one of the houses that have an ocean view with glass encased sitting rooms looking out to the sea, I get my reward. 

Last night, the reward was watching the sunset at the beach in the photo above. As we listened to the waves and watched the pelicans, hundreds of them, fly around the rock island to roost for the evening, I noticed dark glistening bodies forming and disappearing in the deep blue. Looking closer, it was a harem of seals, at least a half dozen swimming and frolicking in the waves. I was so excited, I felt like a child seeing for the first time.

Seals represent freedom of movement, to swim with the current, instead of fighting against it. During these turbulent times, I am reminded of not fighting what is. Not waiting for change to happen to make things better. To live for a better day, today.

I know COVID is real. I have one close family member recovering from it now and a family friend's wife just died of it, after thinking she was recovered. She died alone in the hospital. The family having to make the decision of pulling life support over the phone.  

I don't know if I will get it. I don't know if I will die of it. I don't know if anyone close to me with die of it. These are the unknowns of life. In many things, we have no control.

What I can control is my wonder and love for life. Or I guess, the better word for it, is not to control my love for living. To let it be free like the seals. The seals frolic playfully in the sea with dangers hidden above and below. They are aware and alert. The dangers do not keep them from playing.

After the seals disappeared, we watched a lone pelican who did not join the fleet of pelicans at the rock island. Instead, he fished with a seagull by his side. We watched them for an hour float together on the waves. The seagull following the pelican after each dive and scoop. I couldn't see the pelican share his catch, but I hope he did. Whether he did or not, the seagull was always with him. They chose to do their own thing not following the pods of pelicans flying towards their nests.

I am not following the crowds. I do not roost in a traditional home. I am not worrying about the pandemic. When I do think about the pandemic, it is a sadness I feel for the suffering. I always, everyday feel for the suffering. I don't ever take for granted the time I have here or the gifts I receive.

I am no longer on Facebook and sometimes I do miss sharing my writing, but I don't miss the negativity. If you believe my writing has value and would like to share it, please do. Thank you for your support, your words of encouragement that I receive by email are precious to me. And always feel free to comment through the blog too!  

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