Vegetarian Restaurants

When we first arrived back into this urban area, we enjoyed a brunch with my partner's daughter. Of course, we practiced social distancing by wearing our masks, keeping our distance, and choosing an outdoor restaurant. It was good to see her and celebrate her birthday. I feel comfortable around her. We ease in and out of conversation easily spanning many topics from the books we are reading to movies, work, of course the pandemic and the present state of the world we are trying to navigate in. 

In the town where we met for brunch,  I fell in love with the area until I found out how outrageously expensive it is. Flamboyant roosters carrying iridescent tail feathers flashing star bright colors wandered the square and up and down the sidewalks using the crosswalks. Their traveling daily routine holding bicyclists and motorists at bay. Hens followed pecking at the ground. Looking up to the rooftops through gigantic palms like over sized pineapples,  I found more colorful roosters strutting on top of the historic buildings mixed with art deco studios. From what I heard, the town folk protect the roosters, chasing away anyone who would dare cause them harm. 

In the midst of roosters crowing, before the heat becomes unbearable after noon time,  a mixed crowd practiced yoga while masked keeping six feet apart on the green lawn in the towns square while a solo man played his guitar sitting on a bench. It was picturesque, a dreamy scene hypnotically drawing me in. Walking the hill to the outdoor diner, a vegetarian restaurant loved by locals since the 1970's, we found a table in the shade. My partner and his daughter ordered vegan nutty tacos. I ordered the falafel and a carob milkshake. Talk about remembering the 70's. Sipping on my carob shake, I almost could feel the vibe of my childhood. Almost. Times are not as simple as they seemed to be back then. Seemed being the key word. Eating out, visiting with my partner's daughter almost made things seem normal again.

Today, I type my blog in the AC in our hotel room while we wait for van getting serviced. We have decided to move forward on replacing all the tires and an alignment before we venture out again. It's been hitting 100 degrees everyday since we've been in this urban sprawling town within commute of the City.  Yesterday, I went swimming in the hotel pool early in the morning to be the first one and avoid any contact.  It was nice to be by myself, treading water, feeling my body move in the cool water.

I don't know where we are headed. Or, what is in our future. I do miss camping and being around the wild animals and trees.  We have put ourselves out there for house sitting and community based projects that are sustainable and good for the planet. I am so curious to see where we end up.

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