It's been a roller coaster of changes and adapting the last couple of days. As we travel in our van exploring places to work and live, I am having challenges letting go of who I tried to be, how I tried to fit in most of my working and personal life.

I'm shedding old ways and it hasn't been an easy process. In the storm of this I am watching people especially women rise, empowered, taking on entrenched institutions that have abused and destroyed since the beginning of time. And I question, where am I, who am I. In all of this.

Right now, I am a traveller exploring places I've never been and focusing on my growth as a person and at the same time I am a bystander watching powerful women change the world. I seem to be on another path from what is going on in the world. 

My friends and family text me often about their pandemic fears. Yesterday, I sat in the sand at the beach creating a sand castle that changed into a turtle. The blocks of a grand dynasty didn't feel good in my hands, the soft round mounds of the turtle's back and head felt right and good.

My path is unknown. I don't sleep in the same place for more than a week. Yet, I feel more at home than I have felt in years.

I am letting my body and spirit guide me. I am learning to think with my heart. It is an ancient language forced into false extinction.

This language is alive and well when I remove the walls, finding them build with shifting sand.

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