Waking Up

This was the view yesterday when I woke up from the van. Surrounded by a grove of Redwood Forest. We didn't have wireless for a couple of days so I was off the internet. 

I had time to walk the redwoods and read my book about a Canadian woman who loses herself romantically in Iran while on a culinary adventure. 

The photo above showing the view from our van doesn't tell the whole story,  just the pretty part. I actually had a major panic attack hyperventilating,  feeling I was trapped. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't get comfortable in the van and the more I tried to ignore my fear of sleeping in the van confined, the more panic set in. With incredible support from my partner,  we opened windows,  I changed sleeping sides and was able to move through it. It wasn't easy. Panic attacks are challenging to say the least.

I want to live this life, so I need to work through the challenges.  One by one.

The forest was magical as forests are. This morning I am sipping on my McDonald's coffee. We are headed for a week stay at a horse ranch.

Will be in touch soon.

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