What Next?

My best friend texted me a news article from The Guardian that landlords are locking out tenants who have been unable to pay rent since losing their jobs during the pandemic.

I wanted to add a personal note. We lost our affordable housing due to the pandemic. I cannot live with relatives, because those that in the past could offer housing during tough times are vulnerable and have a good chance of dying if they got the virus.

So far, I have not been able to find a short term rental that will approve an application since I am unemployed.

I have been denied housing in our county because I don't make enough money. I am on two waiting lists for affordable housing which can take 5 years plus to be accepted.

I  am living in a van and camping. I choose to call this an adventure and great writing opportunity.

Those of us losing housing, being locked out of their house should not be forced to live in a vehicle especially during a pandemic. It can break you. Financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally if you are not prepared.

I have been preparing for this day since 2008. I saw it coming.

I started reading about the van life, becoming a vanabode when I had money. I studied even harder about alternative living when I lost all of my money. I yearned to be free, travel, and not be stuck paying a mortgage, suffering the ups and downs of the economy. I wasn't born sliding into home base. I've been working every summer since I was twelve, full time since I was 17.

I expected to be prepared to live in a van or RV with lots of savings, a lucrative online business and the freedom to travel anywhere.

I didn't get a chance to prepare for a pandemic and economic disaster. It came on faster than I imagined.

I feel deeply for people who are being displaced during the pandemic especially those with kids and pets.

Where do they go? 

I'm sure soon, many will be camping next to us. In fact, some of them probably are now.

When I was young, I read John Steinbeck, finding his books on my parents shelves. He told the stories of people displaced, forgotten, and how strong and noble their spirits were.

I am no John Steinbeck, but I see what he sees.

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