Comfy Van Bed

This is our bed in the back of our mini van. When we bought the van the day before we lost our housing, how fortuitous is that! We planned on taking camping trips. Now, we are on an extended camping adventure.

My partner pulled out the back seats and built a frame. The bed is extremely comfy. If it wasn't for my claustrophobia and hot flashes, I would prefer it over the hotel bed I am sleeping in tonight.

In the van, you can see the stars and moon. When I am comfortable sleeping in the van during cooler weather, I love waking up surrounded in the forest. 

Monday, we are heading north. We found a great camping spot within a short drive to the ocean. It has flushing toilets and showers. We are staying for two weeks at this spot. I am looking forward to whale watching and being close to nature. Writing on my blog, sharing photos, and reading a good book. And exploring the area. 

Within a forty five minute drive of the campgrounds, I spent my year before kindergarten. It was 1969 and Janice Joplin had her P.O. Box at the local post office where my mom worked. 

It's changed quite a bit since then. It's fifty years later. I will have two weeks to explore an area I lived in for a moment in time.

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