What is the Plan?

Do we have a plan?

Yes, we do.

To catch new readers up on what is happening. My partner and I lost our housing due to COVID. Before COVID, we were saving and planning to travel by van or rv through the USA. We love to travel. We planned to work and travel our way through the states.  

While we were planning to leave, COVID hit, we lost our jobs and our housing which pushed us out of the nest sooner than we expected. Here we are, over six weeks later living out of our mini van and tent traveling as close to our last home base as affordable, keeping ourselves and others safe from COVID by strict practices like wearing a mask, limiting shopping and keeping social distance. 

It has been challenging and an adventure!  

I want to thank my friend Jon Katz telling our story on his blog www.bedlamfarm.com  It has brought new readers. Knowing that people are following our story helps me feel not so alone in this. 

Back to the plan.

Right now, we are trying to navigate COVID and traveling by living out of a mini van which is challenging for two people. We have a modest savings, extremely modest to purchase a used RV or RV Van. We have been searching for one for weeks, but since COVID, there is a big demand for RVs and the prices have gone up.  People are stir crazy from sheltering in and have turned to camping and rv'ing for recreation and to get out of the house and into nature and open space. This is totally understandable but is making finding affordable camping and an RV much more challenging.

We are searching for an RV or Van RV that is 20 feet or under so we can get into tight spaces.  We live simply and do not need much space. We need an RV so we can stand up comfortably. We also need it to have a bathroom and it needs to be current on registration and pass smog in order to register in California, our home state.

The RV will enable us to maximize our opportunities finding work and being of service. It will keep us and others COVID safe since we can be self contained.  We are excited about working, traveling and helping others on this journey during the pandemic.

With that in mind, I want to offer referral resources we have researched for anyone who is considering or having to (not by choice) live in a vehicle because of current circumstances. Please feel free to contact me via this blog or at janettravelshere@gmail.com 

We choose to remain positive and make this an adventure. You can too!  You are not alone.

Currently, we are mixing things up by staying at inexpensive hotels, and camping most of the time.  By having the RV, we can reduce our expenses dramatically by working where we live or close to the RV and staying at RV parks paying a monthly rate instead of daily hotel and campground fees.

So, there it is.  Our plan. We do have a vision.

Thank you for reading.

More soon:)

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